Teaming Up To Change The World

Student-Athletes Leading Social Change (SALSC) is a passionate coalition of current and former college student-athletes who are compelled to change the world on a local, national, and international level.

Discover how you can help us connect student-athletes and children across the globe through education, sports and leadership!

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Our Cause

We just concluded our cause for the 2013/2014 school year! Check out our recap video from the service trip! 

We're now preparing for the 2014/2015 school year and we will need your help! Are you ready to Team Up? We have different projects set for the summer of 2015! One of which includes a Middle School Mentoring and Sports Makeover week!! 







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In The Spotlight

Name: Kim Gross
School: Sacramento State University 
Sport: Rowing 
Major: Communications-Interpersonal and Small Group  

Have you ever had that feeling where you know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be? Kim Gross knows that feeling because SALSC opened her heart to more than she expected. She expressed she wanted more student-athletes involved in SALSC, “I want athletes to experience that look in people’s eyes when they’re thankful and inspired. Through SALSC, student-athletes learn what it feels like to be invested in service and leadership off the court, field, or water.”

Kim first participated in SALSC in 2013 on a trip to New Orleans because she wanted to go beyond her school and sport.  She continued to feel that compelled drive and went to D.C. with SALSC again. After each trip she became much more grateful for what she had and saw each and every day as an opportunity that should be taken advantage of.

Although she’s a full time student and athlete she manages to juggle it all with a planner and a lot of different colored pens. “Once I got out of my comfort zone and did more than I was used to, I started to see the full potential of each day,” she said. “You have to remember that you are basically always going to be some degree of tired as a student-athlete and make the decision not to use it as an excuse. “

With every strong student-athlete there is usually an outstanding leader or leaders in Kim’s case behind them. She thanks her brother, dad, and Bob Shook for being major mentors in her life. Although each is very different they have all shown her what it means to be an authentic leader. They constantly have faith in her potential and believe in her dreams, even when she didn’t. 

This SALSC leader has big plans after she graduates. Kim plans to get her master's degree and start her path on becoming an athletic director. SALSC knows wherever the path leads her big things are to come. 

Kim’s Words of Wisdom

  • Each SALSC trip you’ll realize your potential as a student-athlete extends much more than just sport and school.
  • You get to meet other student-athletes and explore different ways that could help in your own community.
  • Each of us are given a special opportunity when we sign that letter of intent and SALSC helps student-athletes realize that.
  • SALSC will open your eyes. One of my favorite sayings is: “Everything you need to be great is already inside of you. All your ambitions and secrets, your darkest dreams...they’re waiting for you to just let go.” Sometimes we need something to remind us that those crazy visions that we have for our future are actually obtainable. Sometimes we need someone to wake us up.

“We need something or someone that makes us feel limitless. SALSC made me feel like all my ideas, dreams, and visions were obtainable and I hope that I can carry that into my school, team, and community.”


Come back next time for another “Spotlight” feature! Until then, enjoy each day and serve others! SALSC Love! 

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